(U P D A T E: Like all things, Perihelion Day must pass.
But as you read these words, consider how you can feel closer to the sun every day.)

Jan 3 2011.  Only 147,098,074km from my beloved... SUN.  Happy Perihelion!

HOORAY! You are right now closer to
the SUN
than you will be all year!

(And if you’re feeling dizzy, it’s not the golden text:
it’s because Earth is travelling faster than at any other point in its orbit)

For today—-January 3, 2◉11—-is the Perihelion.


Perihelion is like New Year’s Eve
but better

(get sundrunk)

It’s the day of the year
when Earth comes closest to the Sun
(see, Earth’s orbit isn’t quite round)

and it’s the day of the year
when you and I come closest to the Sun

You might feel hot on Perihelion Day
if you’re on the Summer hemisphere

or you might feel cold on Perihelion Day
if you’re on the half of the planet tilted away

But no matter how you feel
you should definitely feel energetic on Perihelion Day
if only out of sympathy
for the 620,000,000 metric tons of hydrogen
that are fused into helium
every second

inside the star

that makes the world go round.

Happy Perihelion Day!

So how do you celebrate Perihelion Day?

You might
climb a mountain
(and get even closer to the Sun!)
or sing a song of seasons
(or a sunpsalm! or draw on your fridge with an orange crayon!)
and you should definitely share some Sunshine with a friend

perhaps teach them about Perihelion Day!



"Happy Perihelion Day! January 3, 2◉11"

Spread Sunshine!
SUNWORSHIP.info exists to promote Sun appreciation.


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